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To be excellent or not, that is not a question.

After the Spring Festival in 2015, Zhou, president of Kotion Each Company, received a return application which will affect the direction of the company's future development. The company is our largest customer in Europe – a well-known headphone brand manufacturer. This return is about the number of 20,000 headsets which worth US$300,000 due to high defective rate, and this return caused the headset manufacturer’s annual purchase contract to be postponed. They explicitly questioned the quality control of the product.

Although this is the first return compensation application of the new year, it has happened many times in the past year. The company lost as much as a million.

With painstaking thoughts, President Zhou reluctantly made an astonishing decision. At the first staff meeting of the New Year, in the presence of all employees, all 20,000 headsets were destroyed. Zhou said: “If I double check this 20,000 headsets today,  and surely more than 19,500 can be found good. In this way, the company's loss is less than 10,000 US dollars, but if I do like this, it would allow us to produce 2 million more such headsets and make 10 million US dollars loss for our client ."

He picked up a big hammer and broke the first headphone. 20000 headsets were destoryed that day.

Later, Zhou told everyone - we need to change the impression of our company this year. We will start with a new brand -- Beexcellent. Their brand is to remind everyone to be excellent at all times .